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Where To Begin?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

I’ve found it so hard to start these posts. Trying to identify what to speak about or where to begin. Who i should talk about, what i feel comfortable sharing. I feel most people who will read these already greatly support me in what I do. I find that one of the greatest honors.

When I was young my father owned a fine dining restaurant. He was a tall, plus sized Italian man. He wore his chefs coat often so that’s what I remember him in the most. His passion for art in all respects was admirable enough to make me an artist. I think a lot of myself was built in his image.

This restaurant was believed to be haunted and it still stands. I’ll leave a link for those of you who are nosy to explore.

“The historic Lardin House Inn Restaurant and Tavern nestled in the beautiful Laurel Highlands.  Built in 1780, the house has born witness to history as a Civil War encampment and stop on the Underground Railroad.  Named for the original owners, the proprietors have served the area as farmers, butchers, bakers and restaurateurs for over 200 years.” It was my father and grandfather who remodeled this home to be a restaurant.

Some of my first interactions with my grandfather were at this restaurant. I remember sitting with him at the piano in the bar area. At three years old I could recognize he were my grandfather. I could feel it and I knew he loved me deeply. As i got older I learned this wouldn’t have been possible as he passed away just before I was born.

Who did I speak to? A Ghost? A Spirit?

One of the first stories I heard about the lardin was that it was haunted. The first night my father opened, they had to serve by candle light because all the electric went out. Even the person that came to look at the electric couldn’t identify a problem.

I had several “imaginary friends” (Spirits) at that home. Cricket & Berdita we’re the two I remember the most.

These spirits would play with me all the time. Hide and seek mostly. Many times i’d see them and then they’d vanish before my mother or father would find me.

One day they told me they were leaving. They told me i’d never see them again. I came down the stairs crying. I was so upset and felt so abandoned by my friends…

The lardin is named after previous owners. Penny lardin just loved me when o was a child. She happened to be at the home when I rushed down the stairs crying. She scooped me up and immediately asked what was wrong.

I told her Cricket and Berdita were leaving and never coming back. I told her he had on a gray suit and red tie, and she wore a blue dress and lace apron. Penny put me down startled. Her face was white. I learned as I got older that those two spirits were family members of penny lardin, and what i described them wearing was what they were buried in.

I never felt alone at the lardin. It was my playground as a child. Someday i’d love to go back to investigate and see if my spirit friends are still lingering around the home.

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