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Veronica Glad

My name is Veronica Glad and I am blessed to have your energy here. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Sound Engineer, Musician, and Voice Teacher. I am so proud to be able to combine my spirituality, passion for sound, and love for healing. This is a safe space for individuals of all walks of life. With my services I hope you find self love, self acceptance, and rejuvenation.

Tarot Cards

I would love to share with you a bit of where I come from and who I am. To begin I've been singing since before I could walk. Music has always been my passion. Ive taken more than 15 years worth of professional arts classes. During my teen years I also discovered my love for all religions and spirituality. At 15 I learned I was an empath and this explained so much about my personality. I always kept my spirituality hidden from most people due to outside judgment. 
When pursuing schools I realized I wanted to focus on music and sound. I have two years from California University of Pennsylvania. My time at this university allowed me to perfect not only my vocal performance but also began my knowledge of sound design and how sound can manipulate even how we perceive our surroundings. After my first back surgery I decided to pursue a new school. Finding Full Sail University allowed me to continue my education and eventually graduate with a Bachelors Degree In Audio Production. During this time I also deliberately did research on how sound can effect spiritual rehabilitation. 

I am blessed to bring together my spirituality and education in a way that is healing for others. I think this unique approach to spirituality and sound can bring together individuals of all religions and walks of life. 

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